Entrecard Deleted

And so it was confirmed, Entrecard deleted my account - as I am doing my early morning ritual that does include the opening of my inbox. I received yet another email from Entrecard, informing me they have deleted my account.
Entrecard Dead

I’ve been warned two days ago that my account is in violation of their TOS, and that according to them my blog showing signs of pop-up ads. Ofcourse, I checked every single details of my blog, I even asked the assistance of some of my friends from different locations, if indeed my blog is guilty of these so-called violation.

And they have unanimously reported to me that they cannot find any sign of pop-up. I don’t know how entrecard robots would detect a pop-up but who cares; this blog would exist without the help of entrecard. I have a blogger friend whom his entrecard account was also deleted some week ago because of these pop-ups.

Seriously, I am not fond of entrecard I have more than ten thousand of EC credits in my account and I don’t even used it to advertise to other blog.

Well, it seems this is parting time, okay Entrecard GOODBYE!

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what is the reason why they deleted your EC account???

one of my account was banned/deleted before but I wrote an email to them explaining the posts they're questioning of "not original in form" because 1. was a petition letter 2. obama's speech.

after consideration, they lifted the banning of my account.

Just wondering, did they advise you the reason for the deletion of your EC account?