Affordable Eyeglasses

New York Times has recently featured an article about the alternative ways on having an eye care without killing much of your pockets. During this time that we are experiencing the global economic turmoil it is therefore best to spend our money wisely.

And by spending our money in a smart way, the article cited that so far the best bargain we can find about eyewear these days, is the ZenniOptical. ZenniOptical when it comes to prescription eyeglasses, frames and lenses that include the anti scratch coating is the cheapest in the market that starts for as low as $8.

With its huge variety of prescription and stylish eyeglasses and frames to choose from that promises quality and comfort yet in very affordable prices. And do you know that its reason for selling it very cheap because they manufactured their own frames and sell it directly to the customer without having to put an additional charges for the middlemen and advertisement.

So ever planned of spending on your eyecare? Perhaps you need a single vision lens, sunsensor (photochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens or maybe the progressive lens? Then better find products that would help you save money while having that quality service at the same time. Visit ZenniOptical now for more of its product selections.

How about this light weight half-rim of metal alloy in medium-narrow rectangular frame with stainless steel temples and spring hinges, that comes in five color of choices; silver, gray, gold, blue and the classic black. Isn’t it cute?

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