RSS Graffiti: Automatic updates your Facebook with your blog posts

As Facebook popularity soared to its highest high, no wonder this platform became the haven to some of our business minded brothers who want to promote their products and services. Being the world’s number one social networking site, Facebook is absolutely the perfect place to start your marketing tactics and make your campaign more visible to your target audiences.

So you are a starting blogger and want your rants about your twisted and wasted life to be heard? Why not ask Facebook to tell the world about your anger, lol.

But seriously if you are a blogger, one way to drive traffic to your blog is to share it with your Facebook wall. And with its openness now you can promote your blog through some third party platforms. These third party applications will update your wall by automatically publishing every story you posted in your blog.

So how does it sound to you now? Cool huh! Ofcourse it is, now talking of third party tools let me introduce to you RSS Graffiti. RSS Graffiti is neat and offers enough flexibility to customize your own feed in a way you want it to appear in your wall.

Here’s the preview of how RSS Graffiti will do for you. 1 Display your articles with or without the associated images. 2 Append a prefix to your article posts. 3 Display Twitter tweets in a short format. 4 Convert Twitter status updates to Facebook status updates.

Want to try it? Here’s the steps to incorporate your blog RSS feed to your Facebook using the RSS Graffiti.

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New iMac: The most powerful, the ultimate all-in-one desktop computer

For years, Apple has never failed to bring innovations when it comes to technology. Every time Apple product is out in the market it sure will always creates much hype and trend will follow naturally. Apple simply creates products that would always be above the standards.

More than ten years ago Apple introduced iMAC to the world, since then market for desktop computers was never the same again.

This 2010, a new iMAC is released and this time ten times the power, ten times more beautiful and ten times the attitude.

BIG, BEAUTIFUL DISPLAYS. It comes in two sleek displays. The 21.5-in and 27-in enclosed of nearly covered glass LCD screen. With high resolution screen featuring 1920 x 1080 HD for 21.5-in and beyond HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 or 78 more pixels that the 21.5-in for the 27-in display and now having a new big LED backlighting to best achieve the possible picture perfect by adjusting its brightness. Equipped with IPS (In-plane switching) technology to give you the superb picture experience regardless of the angle you are in.

DETAILS THAT MATTER. With edge-to-edge glass that surrounds the LED-backlit and wraps around the edge of the aluminum enclosure that comes with a finely tapered aluminum pedestal that magically disappear on the desktop.

A TIDIER DESKTOP. With its new addition to the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Magic Mouse comes another innovation with the new Magic Track Pad. That let’s your fingers do the job, clicking, scrolling and swiping.

ALL IN-ONE SIMPLICITY. Put everything you need – display, processor, graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, memory and more, in one simple enclosure. The first flat-panel iMAC cleaned-up desktop.

New iMAC powered by Intel advanced processor architecture with its blazing fast Core series which you can choose starting from a dual-core Intel Core i3 with 3.06GHz. Or choose the top of the line iMACs equipped with a quad-core Intel Core i5 at 2.8GHz or go for the other option with Intel Core i7 at 2.93GHz.

So are you in awe now? Click here for more of its mouth watering features.

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How to fix Task Manager disabled by a virus

Had it ever occurred to you while opening bunch of applications at the same time on your desktop as if you were the super geniuses in the world, all of a sudden your computer will prompt you gave a message that the memory is running low.

Then you attend to the plea by pressing simultaneously the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys, you want to kill some of the opened apps to free-up some memories but my stars and garters you were taken aback because your Task Manager was disabled by your administrator and for crying-out-loud you were the administrator, lol.

Imagine the horror? Ofcourse, you can’t tell them (apps), “Why won’t you just die!

Probably, you would ask yourself why it happened? What the F happened? Lol. Hmp, some Virus/Trojan must be the culprit, who else would be?

But before throwing your PC, try to calm down first and perform these following simple steps.

  1. Click the Start menu bar and select Run or use the Window shortcut keys by simultaneously pressing the Window key + R
  2. Type gpedit.msc at the textbox
  3. From the Group Policy settings, select User Configuration
  4. Select Administrative Templates
  5. Select System
  6. Select Ctrl+Alt+Del Options
  7. Select Remove Task Manager and double click or right-click and open the Property
  8. Set the property to Disabled

Now restart your PC to see the effect, it should be working just fine now and you can open the Task Manager by this time but if you still getting the same result as if you haven’t spent doing those steps above.

Then throw your PC now, go quick ahahaha but then again what about try running your AV (Antivirus) with the latest patch of virus signatures. Php20,000 for a new desktop is kind of big you know, lol!

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Neobux the best PTC

I swear I am one of those who earlier registered when Neobux still in its Beta state. And during those time part of their pre-launch campaign is to change the face of PTC (Paid-to-click). PTC is one of the earliest initiator of online money making opportunities and during those times most PTCs were categorized as scam.

The first 10 days of my membership were kind of okay but no big deal at all. At two advertisements a day, of course I was bored. Finally after a month of being a member I put Neobux at bay oh no, not just Neobux but some of the PTCs I am joining as well.

I have something of new interest that I was no longer paying attention even to my blogging; I concentrated on Facebook, especially on Pet Society and FarmTown lols.

Every day I was seen competing in Pet Society’s stadium (Pet Society) while tripping on the banana peels in between or in the market place (FarmTown) hoping that someone would hire me to harvest their crops.

Then while in Facebook, I met my former officemate who was into serious blogging and immediately envy her (lol) because she’s all bragging about the incentives she gets from blogging. Without further any motivations I started to update my blog but lo and behold my Alexa was dropped at 20M, it ranked at 260,079 when I left.

My blog needs a serious makeover and after being active, now I’m proud that my Alexa is now slowly climbing at 747,708 to date, Yahoo!

And because I’m back with my blogging so is the exposure to the world of money making opportunities and Neobux is one of the respected names when it comes to earning money legitimately.

I tried to open my previous account but it gets me an error that my account was locked due to its inactivity. I was still hopeful and registered for another username.

Last May 23, 2010 I was able to reach the minimum cash-out requirement so I requested my first pay out. It took three days after it was credited to my Paypal. Wow! That’s fast for a PTC and yesterday I requested my second and this time in real time. As in a minute after my request my Paypal was updated as well.

I’m planning to do the upgrade one of these days but $90 seems to be too big but knowing Neobux credibility, I think I want to try it.
So how about you, have you started earning at Neobux already? Well, if you don’t have the account yet better click here and register now. Pronto! Lol.

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The Rants of the baldhead: SONA 2010

As expected (in his SONA) he was blaming about the Arroyo’s excessive, how Arroyo administration left the government purse with empty money as if we had more money before Arroyo was installed and beside ain’t it his duty to fill it up?

With P196.7 billion budget deficit, he says that only 1% of the P1.54 trillion budget for 2010 can be spent per month for the rest of the year.

And so he calls for a total change in the government and this should come not just from the government itself but he asked also for the involvement of all (us: the Filipino people) which of course a good gesture for someone who really want changes.

Oh that is very good to hear, very Obama if you ask me but please PNOY make sure you won’t be golfing during our Independence Day, okay.

And speaking of changes can you please elaborate us of the solutions to the problem, how do we solve it er I mean how do YOU solve it, so we can achieve that so-called CHANGE. You are all enumerating of the problems but never give us how to solve it, come on you are a president now.

Don’t tell me by negating the Wangwang (Siren) is part of your solutions? Excuse me you’re always late for all I know.

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Monday Cuteness: The Melonhead Baby

Video Credit

Oh very cute indeed!

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See the newest offers at Giveaway Scout

Looking for the newest contests and giveaways on the web? Or you are running your own contest and want a wider exposure?

Well, good news for you. Why?

I have been invited to join this network of blog directory called Giveaway Scout. The name itself needs no further explanation, isn’t it?

But still, I want to elaborate you how Giveaway Scout works. Basically, it’s a blog directory of all the contests and giveaways running on the net. From gadgets to simply a free movie tickets, name it and they have it.

They scan every member blogs for any contest and giveaways on a regular basis and update their homepage for the newest offers.

Want to try your luck on anything in particular? Why not try the latest offers of Giveaway Scout?


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Project Link Exchange

So you’re a blogger, a Z-lister one lol. I mean a new blogger with a much needed exposure.

Stop the rants now because I bring you good news. Of course, there still good news these days, come on cheer up now! Why don’t you!

Okay here’s how to make your blog noticed by the entire blogosphere, er I mean maybe not entirely but atleast your blog is linked to a couple of them.
I'll introduce you to a blog link exchange project. And that’s a good start to promoting your blog.

So ready now, let the link rolling then. And here’s how to do it.

1 Create a simple post with an anchor text A TEACHER’S LINK EXCHANGE PROJECT by linking to the blog’s post.

2 Put the project badge to your side-bar and make sure it will visible during the project period, that’s until 25 August 2010. Here’s the code for the badge just copy and paste it to your blog’s side-bar.

3 Fill up the form with your valid email address and your blog’s name, in HTML format (using the HREF tag).

4 Post a comment on the comment section of the project by saying LINK ME with the link to your blog post.

Bingo you are now part of the project and have done the exchange.

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Singer Memories (In Memoriam)

The story of the Singer Sewing Machine Company is a grand tale, full of larger-than-life characters, dreamers and adventurers, statesmen and rogues. It unfolds over 150 years, and impacts historical events and movements all over the globe. The history of this most secretive of corporations is a detective story, full of twists and turns, of adventure, drama, and pathos. It encompasses greatness and failed dreams.

When I was opening my Facebook which of course these days has become a daily habit to some (I am one of that some, lol), I noticed a red notification at the top left menu, the Messages. I opened my FB mailbox and my former boss in my previous company I was working, the Singer Sewing Machine Company or presently known as Singer Philippines, Inc. well, until its closure anyway, invited me to join a group that would consist purely of people who previously worked from the company.

In short, I joined the group and was very surprise that the people behind the group were employees of Singer, back before the declaration of Martial Law. Father and mother would have been starting dating by that time.

The group had pictures uploaded; in their Singer days, a picture of a happy family and it’s so cool seeing them in black and white photos, it so vintage (lol) with that hair so shiny and so polished for the boys that Typhoon Basyang would even be intimidated touching it while the girls sporting with a magnificent big blown hair. My mother would call it “tis”, a very popular hair style in the 60/70. I think, it’s the signature looks of that era. Mother herself has a lot of picture with that kind of hairstyle, and so does every girl in the photos.

The group wants to encourage those people, who for once in their life made Singer a part of their lives, hear their stories, the Singer way - happy or the otherwise.

The initiators of this FB group were no doubt part of the glory days of Singer. Oh, how I wish I belong to that era, lol.

Well, I started my career with Singer. I was insisting my parent I will continue my college in Manila but my Uncle very concerned I may not be doing good in school, because for-crying-out-loud he said, I am a promdi (from the province). That instant, I started to love the word Jihad; I want my uncle to be the first victim. And then he added, instead he wants to enroll me in a two-year computer course program while I am familiarizing myself from the Manila way of life.

To cut the story short, I enrolled to the program and when the time I was looking for a company for my OJT (on-the-job-training), my uncle who happens to be attending on one of his weekly meetings with his brothers at the Lion’s Club, he met a colleague and good friend and fellow brother from PSME (Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers) Mr. Bulanadi (blessed his soul) and asked if his company wants an OJT. Mr. Bulunadi was I think the Warehouse Manager of Taytay (SIPI) at that time, and he said that their Central Office needed one more EDP staff, for encoders.

To cut it short again, I was referred and I was hired. Since then, I’m hooked with Singer. Singer was my first job. The environment was friendly; a perfect place for someone’s starting his first ever job. I started to love Singer (yeah! Swear I once loved Singer), and starting collating fun memories and making friends (bosses and rank and files alike); I made some my very best friends, until this very day.

Life in Singer those days was an experience that I was doing full-time to attending both my college and work. I have asked the bosses (HR, Controller, and my immediate head) if they could give me an extra favor by making my time flexible so I can still go to school every day, since UE (University of the East) is a ride away from Port Area office.

And I was very fortunate that they never failed my request. I finished my college and still continue working with Singer. New faces come and go and many tempting opportunities keep knocking on my doors that all I have declined - I stayed. Why? IT’S MY CHOICE!

Then old faces started to fade and new management was in progress. A Sri Lankan General Manager was installed. The start of SSMC’s road to perdition, the once great institution has fallen from grace. Singer was under the dictatorship, that bloody Sri Lankan (Hi to all Sri Lankan sorry for the word, I am not a racist, that was intended for one person only, peace brothers) wants to be the god. He was right in every f***ing way! In his f***ing wrong way! And to survive, leeches are starting coming in his side.

Anomalous transactions became a norm. Un-identifiend bank transfers suddenly showing un-expectedly but no one would dare keep the audit. Those, who have access to money, started having great ideas (to their advantage). A wallpaper that cost a million? Are you kidding me!

Singer Philippines have died, un-expectedly!

It encompasses greatness..

Those were the days!

..and failed dreams!
Thanks for the memories

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Create your own Facebook application

While some are questioning about the openness of Facebook, for me I thought it’s the coolest innovation ever to serve the online community.

I mean with this feature Facebook has become the gateway of resources anywhere in the net; and aside from socializing which of course is the core of its service; in Facebook you can now make money by turning your account into an online shopping mall or a venue to influence others with your cause, may it a good cause or simply something that it would cost you, lol.

With Facebook, you can incorporate all those things you love when you are online like watching videos, listening to your favorite tracks; play your favorite games, chat with friends, and even blogging.

But do you know that you can also create your own application in Facebook? Yeah, like creating your own game application and this without even requiring you to be an expert or a skilled programmer to do this. With its easy to use developer tools, you can create your own application in no time.

I have tried creating one using the Quote Creator and the output is Mga Payong ma A_lamat. A collection of quotes and advices in the form of humor that consist mostly of Bob Ong’s works, I love Bob Ong so might as well spread the good news.

Here’s the snapshot of my Mga Payong ma A_lamat. What do you think?

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Monday Cuteness: Carpe Diem

It's Monday Cuteness once again. Enjoy your day!


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To plaids or not to plaids

Fashion trends come and go. But when it comes to pattern that would surely stay for eternity, one thing in mind is the plaid apparel design. It lends an urban edge and fresh perspective for men’s wear.

It makes a perfect item for men for a corporate or social events riding high on the retro fashion trend may it monochromes or psychedelics, the metallic, and pinstripes. Plaids will continue to comeback and continue to rule the fashion scene.

Roberto Cavalli, A/W 2010 Menswear Collection at the Milan Fashion Week

Roberto Cavalli in his A/W 2010 Menswear’s Collection, this world’s famous designer paraded some of his plaids inspired collection in the runway of Milan.

The reason I am talking about plaids because while I’m in Facebook the other day, I have noticed one of my friends has been tagged with the very colorful and cute plaids.

Very stylish that I actually clicked on the image and brought me to a profile that sells the items. I was taking a clearer look on every item that I decided myself to get one. See image below.I love the color combination so I ordered one; I want to try it myself. And just today my order arrived and immediately fit the item. Wow! It fits very well on me that suddenly I look like Jake Cuenca lol.

Seriously I love the cut and the style, the only thing I don’t like about is the quality of the fabric. Well, maybe I just get used to Giordano’s kind of fabric. And beside it only cost P899 so what do you expect! But I think I’ll be ordering more of it, I’m just waiting how it looks like after the dry clean lol.

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Sizzling Summer Giveaways from Elevated Design Group

Bloggers, it’s time to unite once again.

Get that lappy/desktop ready and start posting your entry now. Elevated Design Group is giving sizzling hot prizes in the tune of more than $200 grand. How’s that for you? Does it sound grand to you now?

You could be one of those three lucky winners who will get a $50 cold cash direct to your Paypal account.Here’s your chance to get one.

1 Are you a blogger that manages one or multiple blogs? Good, you’re an inch nearer. 2 And that your blog’s Page Rank is one or more? Excellent you’re a foot to your dream now, lol. 3 An active blogger by posting daily or at least twice a week? Carry on, you’re nearly there! 4 And that you have a Paypal account? Cool, you're in!

Let’s get started then.

Make sure you follow all the instructions below.

  1. Grab the contest badge code which can be found here. You can choose from a 160 x 60 badge (small rectangle) or a 125 x 125 (square) button and post it into your sidebar.
  2. After grabbing the code, sign up here.
  3. Write down all of your participating blogs on the form. (You can always come back and add more blogs)

  • Only blogs with badges will be noted.
  • Badges should be visible during the giveaway period.
  • You should be referred by another blogger and not referred by your own blog.


  1. 3 WINNERS OF $50.
  2. $1 for every referred blog with PR2 or up (this is for the first 200 blogs by the way.

Start recruiting now and best of luck!

Promo ends on August 23, 2010 and winners will be announced on the 31st

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Farmville or FarmTown?

While opening my Facebook I have noticed quite numbers of FarmTown gifts requests. FarmTown used to be the most popular farm game in Facebook until FarmVille made her way to this number one social networking site.

I was once addicted to this FB application that I had to stay late at night just to wait for employers to hire me and work for their farm. I was collecting as much money coin because I want to upgrade my farm and buy the biggest house and can raised plants with the higher value.Despite the popularity of Farmville, I still prefer Farmtown. As of today’s standing (15 July 2010) FarmTown is only at number 43 among the most played applications in Facebook while FarmVille is still unbeatable at number one. Although February, 2010 data says FarmTown was at number 15 so it’s good to assume that among the applications played in FB, FarmTown is one of the biggest losers, well literally.

Seriously speaking I do not like the waxy graphics of Farmville, for-crying-out-loud their animals can’t even move unlike FarmTown you can feel the real atmosphere of a farm. From the grasses, flowers, trees, houses and etc. for me, it really captures the real imitation of what a farm should looks like.And one thing I like about FarmTown is that you can also interact with other users in real time unlike in Farmville that you can only leave your message.

So what about you? Farmville or FarmTown?

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The Fury

I just thought she came unexpectedly, since I am working graveyard hours; the other day when I woke up at 6 o’clock p.m., Kuya Kim (TV Patrol) in his weather report; he said that there’s a typhoon coming in the name of Basyang. At the time of his report Signal #3 was up at Aurora and some neighboring provinces while Metro Manila placed at Signal #1 and that according to PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) the status of storm signal will remain till the next day.

Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN

At 10 in the evening heavy rains started to fall accompanied by strong winds, very strong that you can actually hear its whistling sounds, whomping of trees were the next attraction.

I said to myself, “this ain’t signal number 1 with that fierce wind, it could be 2 or 3”, power interruption broke down twice that evening but restored after a couple of minutes, in its third occurrence it went totally off for the longest of time probably for about 20 hours. I was texting all my friends and they were all clamoring how uncomfortable it was without electricity, brownout was felt by whole of Luzon and as of this writing only 35% was restored.

Typhoon Basyang (International name: Coscon) was fierce and totally disabled Metro Manila, LRT and MRT were suspended as both transport system powered by electricity. International and domestic flights were affected; 81 were cancelled, 69 were delayed (I’m supposed to be one of the passenger affected by this if I have earlier acquired my passport) and 6 were diverted. Same goes with the ferries of which more than 1,200 passengers were stranded at the pier.

Some of the banks and fast food chains were closed and only those who have power generators could continue their businesses. Gasoline stations were also affected, and not to mention those trunks and branches lying along the highways.

Basyang left with 18 dead, 57 missing and 12 were injured according to the NDCC (National Disaster Coordinating Council).

Angry with the forecast, President Noynoy Aquino (Pnoy) scolded PAGASA for the wrong information. But PAGASA was quick to rebut that it’s their old system that is inaccurate and that if they want a reliable forecast the government has to invest P1.2B for the new and sophisticated devices. LOL.

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This is me!

This is me!

I am the eccentric type of person; most of my friends would describe me as weird. I do not usually go with the flow. Norm is never my fantasy!

I define my own standards, my own style and I live by my own perception of what is life.

Others would think I am stubborn but I just want to do things in my own way. But I also know when to compromise and make way for new ideas. Hey, I also know how to embrace changes!

Sometimes I am afraid to explore new horizons but that is where I get my strength from.

I can be competitive when challenged. Very competitive that is!

Fun to be with, yes I can be your funniest guy but I can also be the meanest person in the world, if occasions would ask for it.

I always speak my mind, I laugh when I have to; I cry if I need to and I love without conviction.

I can always be your angel but can also be your demon. I can be your sweetest dreams but can also be your worst nightmares. I can be your confidant but can also be your source of discouragement but nevertheless I am just being me.

Amidst all my peculiarity and eccentricity, I am a peace loving person who ventures in this world trying to seek for his rightful place, his rightful someone and the sole purpose of his existence.

This is me!

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UAAP 73 opens the season with a Concert Rally at the Big Dome

In its centenary year, De La Salle University the host of this year's UAAP, tagged the season with a theme “Where Heroes Are Made”. According to the host university, the deeper meaning of this year’s theme is not about the UAAP sports/hard-court heroes but the hero among us. They want to encourage every one of us (the Filipino people) to be a hero in our own way, in our own little way.

Exactly, just like what Bob Ong suggested in his book Kapiton Sino (Captain Who)?

La Salle's Atkins leads Oath of Sportsmanship

Inspired with the newly installed president, President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) and hopeful that he will lead the country to development, this year’s theme is dedicated to him.

No wonder, this year’s opening ceremonies was like a concert rally for President Aquino, complete with the song and dance number while the singer have to shake hands with his audience. From time to time the singer would encourage his audience to sing along with.

I don’t know if it’s only me but it was the most boring UAAP opening presentation I have ever seen. I was very eager to see the opening because it’s suppose to be from La Salle, I am expecting something of grand display and wow factor in their production numbers.

Well, this is just my opinion but I swear it was boring; look at those dancers of the participating schools while they dance in synch but you can hardly tell of the synchronicity when they all dressed differently. I mean, it’s as if they were only rehearsing in the Big Dome.

The best venue for that opening is not Araneta Coliseum but the Quirino Grandstand, if you ask me.

Not even the “Where Heroes Are Made” movie could save the day. Lousy and trying hard one (ofcourse, this again is my opinion). It was like a school project of four people this despite putting some humor on it, the heroes were acting like claustrophobic that it caused them to be very stiff, one of them almost trip as she went down from the ladder, it was only Enchong Dee who justified his character. The other heroes should have given a workshop on acting with ABS-CBN talent center before they shoot the movie.

Also notable were the empty seats, it’s as if there were more vacant seats than the occupied ones. The hosts had to repeat for so many times before you can actually hear the shouts of the audience, this after they were asking for an audience participation.

I actually had taken my nap while watching when I woke up, the UE versus UST match was playing, at the third quarter of the game I decided to sleep again, UST was ahead by 7 points, waaah!

I woke up the next day and started searching for the outcome of UE, UST game. UE defeated by the Tigers waaah, I want to sleep again but my melatonin was on day off.

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Monday Cuteness: The Baby Buddha

Literally speaking he is very cute, look at the hidden gory, er I mean glory! Isn’t it cute? lol

It's Monday Cuteness once again, enjoy your day!

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The return of the Hiccups

These past few months, I have noticed after eating too much, hiccups come afterward. What is that suppose to mean? Is it a bad sign or good sign?

I was having a full stomach after I served myself with a mango bravo, obviously my favorite. A friend is celebrating her birthday today and while we celebrated with a lot of food she also decided to spend it with the kids by giving free consultation and medicines. A medical mission on her birthday, isn’t it very inspiring?

Yes, very inspiring indeed that while assisting on her noble mission, I can’t help myself from eating inspiringly as well.

Then she encourage us to do the same on our birthdays, “Ah ok”, our response while busying ourselves from giving out medicines and this while of course eating in between.

Despite drinking waters, it stays for about an hour.

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EON Debit Card new policy

This is quite a bad news for EON Debit Card holders (including me) because Unionbank as indicated in their website. Starting August 1, 2010 a new policy on withdrawal fees will be implemented.The bank will now charge you P10 as withdrawal fee on your third and succeeding withdrawals within the month, this despite using a Unionbank ATMs. Withdrawal from a non Unionbank ATMs remains at P12 though, that’s the good news.

So unless it is not very important limit yourself from withdrawing more than twice in a month as not to be charged with additional P10.But if you are an oDesk freelancer who withdraw your earnings every weeks from Paypal, a P20-peso deduction is not that big really but if your earnings, is less than $155 or P7000 that means additional charge of P50 for you.

But then again EON brings you convenience so what is P120 anyway?

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Government As Usual!

We are ready to go! Our tickets are ready. We have already booked for a seven nights stay, from July 14 to July 21 at The Luxe Manor Hotel.

Yeehaw! Hongkong, here we cum (lol).

Oh, wait! Where’s my passport? Huh!

Yeah, exactly where is my passport?

Uh well, that’s my problem. Unfortunately, until this very moment I don’t have the passport.

For weeks this has been my target to have the bloody passport as quick as possible before the 14th, imagine all the efforts I had to go through?

The idea of getting myself caught in those insanely long lines at DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) gave me the paranoia that I opted to come and get the help of the third party services even I know it would cost me more than half of the usual fee.

I went to LBC and apply; they advised me to call the passport hotline for the requirements. I called the hotline and the aging lady (well, she sounded like one) answered and advised me to bring my BC (birth certificate) and as much as possible the sealed one coming from NSO (National Statistics Office) and two primary IDs. I told her I only have the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) card and the Postal ID. She said Postal ID is considered as secondary, and then she suggested me to get the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Clearance instead.

I hanged the phone hopeful. I was thinking NBI Clearance is the easiest of the lot. Of course, I am wrong. Why, I’ll tell you later?

I never had NBI Clearance, I don’t know if I am just a very innocent looking person that my employers do not require me to provide the document. I mean, NBI clearance is a standard HR requirements, right?

I have my SSS Number but I don’t have the card. The last time, I applied for the card they advised me to go to the main office because the machine that took photos was broke down. I went to the main office with the thought I’ll be doing all the requirements in one day. They advised me to come after three days for the photo shoot. I did not come back.

I am a legitimate voter of my precinct but I don’t have the Voter’s ID and I don’t have the Driver’s License simply because I don’t have car to drive lol.

Seriously, if not that necessary I won’t get these so-called government documents, I hate the idea of submitting myself to the air-headed government employees. I mean, just because you badly needed these things they would act as if they were very important to the point as if you want to beg from them. Excuse me!

I was trying really hard to fight my temperament just to have this NBI Clearance. The First day, I went to NBI Taft because I remember a friend when he needed one he went straight to Taft. I am very sure of that because we were actually heading the same way and actually had to share seat inside the FX from Fairview while having a chit-chat when he mentioned about it, I will be dropping at Morayta at that time, I had a morning class at UE while he was going to NBI Taft. Uh very yesterday eh, lol!

NBI was in silence as I entered the vicinity. I asked the guard, I want to get an NBI Clearance. He told me to take the other gate. I followed the instruction. I asked the officer on guard at the other gate about my intention and he told me, bad news. He said, issuance of NBI Clearance is now done at the Victory Mall, Caloocan, added that the new method was implemented way back October, 2009. Whew! I was dismayed and vacated the place without further interrogating the Mamang guard.

I reported that unfortunate plight to some of my friends. Only one responded. He said he got his clearance at NBI Riverbank, Marikina satellite office. With no wasted time I headed straight to Marikina.

I arrived 1:00 pm, I asked one of the guy who obviously waiting for his turn while in queue, on the process of getting the clearance; he was very accommodating and actually accompanied me inside the small office; it was very government if you ask me lol. I approached one of the personnel and asked where to get the number, he told me assigning of number was finished and that I’ll come back the next day. Disappointed, I went home.

Next day was a holiday, P-Noy inauguration so I stayed home. The next day, I arrived at exactly 10:00 in the morning only to hear bad news, again. “No issuance of numbers for new applicants only for renewal, please come back tomorrow”, greeted the sign. Bullshit, I was so pissed. Again I went home, frustrated.

The next day, I was an hour earlier I’m at the vicinity at 9:00 in the morning, I immediately asked some of waiting people in the crowd for the number. And they, answered me in chorus, “Naku tapos na ang bigayan ng number, bukas naman daw ulit” – Uh, giving of number is already finished, next issuance will be tomorrow again. I want to unleashed my Hulk side that instant, I entered the office very angry and asked the person who was giving thumb mark to the applicants.


ME:Anong oras po ba natatapos ang bigayan niyo ng number, tatlong araw na ako pabalik-balik dito
What time do you end giving numbers to the applicants; I’ve been here for three days.
NBI:Alas otso po natatapos ang bigayan ng numbers
We stop issuing numbers at 8 o'clock.
ME: Anong oras kayo nag uumpisang magbigay?
What time do you start giving numbers?
NBI: “Alas otso po”.
Eight o’clock.
ME: Ano, alas otso din? Ilang tao lang ang nabibigyan niyo ng numbers, tapos magsasara kayo ng eksaktong alas kwatro ng hapon. Ang ganda ng gobyerno natin!
What! Still eight o’clock? For how many persons would you only issue a number, and the nerve of you to close at exactly four in the afternoon. This is a very nice government.

'Na ayoko na!

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?

UE Red Warrior, James Martinez is returning in this Season 73 of UAAP

UE Red Warriors may still grieving over that heartbreaking loss to Ateneo Blue Eagles in Season 72 finals but the boys of coach Lawrence Chongson still have something to look forward in this 73rd season despite the absence of veteran Pari Llagas and Elmer Espiritu, as both already graduated.UE Red Warrior, James Martinez

UE Red Warrior, James Martinez

Veteran and team captain, James Martinez is returning this season to help his team boost its morale and promises to give his all as this will be his last UAAP season. He was forced to be in the backseat in last year’s tournament due to injury, as he tore a ligament in his left knee during the FIL-OIL championship game against the FEU.

Aside from Martinez, expected to bring UE in contention for this season's tournament is last year’s member of Mythical 5, Paul Lee and other determined Warriors, including six promising rookies.

And as part of the preparation, the UE squad has been working really hard and training non-stop at the Tanduay gym last summer, as well as playing tune-up games in the US.

Right after the La Salle, UP match-up, UE Red Warriors will be playing against the Espana team, UST Growling Tigers in the game 2 of UAAP 73 game opener on July, 10.

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UAAP 73 opens on July 10!

With this theme “Heroes”, 73rd season of University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) will set to unfold on Saturday, 10 July 2010 at the Araneta (The Big Dome) Coliseum.

This much awaited and most anticipated opening ceremonies of Philippine’s premier collegiate league promises, extravagance and full of surprises when this year’s host De La Salle University is expected to showcase its creativity.
UAAP 73Right after the opening ceremonies, host La Salle will start firing its arrow against the young yet formidable team, the Mighty Maroons at 2:00 pm while my favorite team (ehem), UE Red Warriors will be tested on its will by going against the strength of the Tigers at 4:00 pm.

UAAP primer indicates FEU Tamaraws as the team to beat as their line-up still intact but back-to-back champion ADMU Blue Eagles, still the team to watch as they were eyeing for the three peat championship.

Tagged as the battle of the heroes, this season promises to be an exciting one as the teaser video called “Where Heroes are made”, would suggest it. Dressed in a hero-like suit each competing schools displays its unique qualities of being a hero.

But whose qualities will make a cut and will survive till the end?

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Official trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Calling all Potter mania!

Seriously, this gonna be your last chance hearing about the boy who lived, so what are you waiting for? Sakay na… (lol)!
After months of anticipation, Harry Potter will be returning on screen for the last time in this two part episode movie; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is the final great battle between the good and evil. This is the culmination of all that has come before it that would determine the fate of each character. Deathly Hallows is a powerful series that filmmakers have to split the movie into two parts to give justice to the book and give the material the room to breathe to what it really needs.

And to give you proof on how this modern epic would come alive on theaters near you, here’s what to expect.

In its official trailer, the movie gives us brief glimpses of the myriad adventure the film takes its characters on; the journey through the Gringotts, the battle at Hogwarts, and ofcourse the most anticipated confrontation between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.

So are you excited yet? Uh don’t ask me!

Here’s the official trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow. Enjoy!

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Stainless Longganisa by Bob Ong

Stainless Longganisa was Bob Ong’s 5th books that talks about his experiences and misadventures as he goes through the path and the life of a writer; his influences and motivations of why he chooses the profession.

Bob Ong is a pseudonym of a very popular Filipino contemporary writer, whose real name according to speculation is Roberto Ong. Although there were some allegations linking to some various names to be the so-called real Bob Ong but all these were not confirmed even his publisher won’t comment on the issue of his true identity. To this date, Bob Ong’s identity remains a mystery to his millions of fans. The author was known for using conversational Filipino (use of Tagalog language) to create humorous and reflective depictions of life as a Filipino. The use of vulgar yet witty and funny lines that sounded like hardcore and naughty but in the end you realized that it actually the best words to describe his favorite subject, the Filipino people. He presented the new way of storytelling in a manner everybody can understand, regardless of social status.

In his books he always reminds us (Filipino) of our weaknesses and the importance of accepting our flaws to give us the courage to making it right.

In his first book, ABNKKBSNPLAko? (read: Aba Nakakabasa Na Pala Ako? – Wow, I can really read now?), he gave us the importance of education and how it is important for nation building. In Bakit Baligtad Magbasa Ang Mga Pilipino (Why do Filipinos read books in reverse?), he tackles politics and on the issues of our instinct of choosing our leaders (Why, we prefer ERAP to be our President?). In his third, he attempted to be more daring by entering the sensitive world of religion through his Ang Paboritong Libro Ni Hudas (Judas’ favorite book). His fourth though he claimed was a fiction, for me Alamat ng Gubat (Legend of the Forest) is a satirical work that talks of the truth behind our dysfunctional government and the society as well.

And the fifth, the Stainless Longganisa (Stainless Sausages) is all about the dehydrated ball-points. His life as a writer, the ups and downs in competing with deadlines, the lessons he learned from writing and on how he can use this medium to inspire and influence his readers on how to become a better Filipino.

Though, I must say that my favorite so far is MACARTHUR, the book talks about the perennial problem of our society (drug addictions) ofcourse presented in different colors. Why it became a serious problem for most of our youth today.

In his 7th book Kapitan Sino (Captain Who), he simply wants to convey the message, that we can be a hero in our own way, even in our own little way. We do not need to wear spandex, equipped with the power of super strength and flight in order to help others.

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Signs when a Tarantula is about to molt


For the past few weeks Aragog, Jr has been very idle and never eaten his food aside from the water I have provided him in his tank.

My friend, who was actually responsible for persuading me to breed a tarantula, advised me not to panic because I frequently bugged him with questions; why it ain’t eating anything.

He said that when a tarantula is weak or as if sleeping all the time and won’t bite a food you’re giving them, then maybe he is about to molt.

Indeed, Aragog, Jr is now flat on his back as if dead after making a bed of web. He is molting as of my writing actually.

Molting is a process, tarantula has to goes through as they grow. Basically speaking it’s the process of which spiders/tarantulas changing their old skin into a new one just like the snakes.

It’s a very difficult and strenuous experience for your pet spider. Molting usually takes few hours and proper humidity of the room is required for a successful process. When the old exoskeleton is shed, its body will be soft and extremely vulnerable, so be advised never to touch your tarantula while in molting state.

And while molting takes only a few hours, a newly molted tarantula will be vulnerable and very sensitive for several days before the new exoskeleton hardens completely. So give atleast a week or so, before you feed your newly molted pet and make sure away from insects or anything that could harm him while in the process of healing.

Anyways, I’ll give you tips on how to identify a tarantula that is about to molt.

Signs when a Tarantula is about to molt:

  1. Eating less – if your pet refused to eat for as long as 3 to 4 weeks, this means they’re getting ready for a molt.
  2. Inactivity - a tarantula that is about to molt is always idle, they will often become quite sluggish.
  3. Bald Spot – some tarantulas develop a bald spot on their abdomen that grows increasingly dark as the molt draws near (after molting the bald spot will be gone).
  4. Increased use of webbing (they may make a mat out of silk for molting).
  5. Dull coloration.
If you noticed all these signs then be prepared, your tarantula is about to molt. Make sure the humidity in the tank is ideal and the temperatures are right. Proper environment is important to a successful molt. Make sure there is no uneaten prey inside your tank, not even a cricket as they would seriously injure a molting tarantula.

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The real HD video calling experience with FV touchcam N1

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sharing our stories, saying Hi and Hello to our love ones abroad is now a norm in today’s borderless world. Thanks to power of Internet, now we can say “I love you” to them by just posting to a social networking wall, sending them a chat message or if you prefer the most innovative one, the video chat.

And who would ever say no to a video chat? I mean isn’t it a joy video calling your father and seeing his face before your very eyes. A father you are missing for two years and look, here he goes waving right in front of you.

But sometimes or most of the times instead of giving you joy seeing them in the face, it rather gets you frustrated because it’s a pain seeing them as if they were a moving boxed-like robot due to the poor picture and streaming quality of the video.

That’s the bad news of video calling, the good news is?

It’s the time to rejoice.

Yes, to be happy because faceVsion is bringing good news to us. FVT (faceVsion Technology) delivers a true-to-life HD video communications experience through any platforms of any screens over public or private networks. Included in their HD solutions are award winning webcams, universal video coding units (FVexpressTM), and full function set-top phones (FVfoneTM) for your most discriminating taste, video communication at its best.

Stay connected with your family and friends of distant places anytime and anywhere in high definition, with just a Skype away using the FV touchcam N1 for example.

FV touchcam N1 is the first Internet streaming true HD webcam for Skype video calls, capable of delivering a full screen 720p streaming video, embedded with H.264 codec chips that squeeze the 720p video into a smallest stream that uses high quality video enough to be sent in any typical Internet connection. It also features a fast auto focus with best-in-class 78 degree super wide angle lens so several people can get into the picture. With its simplicity and mobility, this plug and play device attaches easily to any flat panel displays and or desktop.

While many webcam sold in the market claimed to be a HD webcam, the likes of Microsoft Cinema and Logitech Pro 9000. Internet video calling using these models won’t give you the real HD quality experience because its HD quality video only works locally.

FV touchcam is available through and other value added partners.

So if you really want the real video HD experience visit faceVision on line store. Uh and don’t forget to have a sneak on its equally top-of-the-line FV ExpressCombo. I swear you’ll gonna like it too.

So you want to Skype anyone in particular now? How about Oprah? Well better get the FV touchcam N1 now.
Visit my sponsor: faceVsion TouchCam N1 HD Video Streaming Webcam

NHI approves Charice rendition of the Philippine National Anthem

International singing sensation and soon to be Glee’s mainstay Charice Pempengco sang the Philippine national anthem during the inauguration rites of the 15th president of the republic, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, Wednesday morning, 30 June 2010 at the historic Quirino Grandstand.

Video credit

This time with a two thumbs-up from the sharp-eared and the very meticulous NHI (National Historical Institute). The rendition was Charice second attempt after she was reprimanded by the group for her incorrect rendition back in 2008 when she opened the “Myx Mo” concert singing the national anthem.

NHI was pleased on how Charice delivers the song and as a sign of appreciation the institute will formally congratulate the young singer and her mother by sending her email.

NHI has previously lambasted top rated singers the likes of Christian Bautista, Martin Nievera, and Journey’s Arnel Pineda among others for the lack of respect of the national anthem by changing, arrangement of the song.

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