Bob Ong: Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan

What a story!

He never fails to surprise his readers every time his new book is out, this despite the use of mediocre words. Simple, no sugar-coating and yet it would penetrate into your deepest heart. Why? It's because these simple words reflects reality - the real world. A pure reflection on how we frequently used these words in our everyday lives.

I finally got my own copy of Bob Ong's Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan. At first glance of the book, it really signifies creepiness. The cover design was in velvet underneath a hand written Latin text that looks like Bunny usually utters in The Vampires Diary when she's into some enchantment. And unless you take a closer look on the title, it is hardly readable.

I actually asked the ushers at National Bookstore where's the new book of Bob Ong, and actually asked her where I can find the Mga Kaibigan ni Aling Nena. The ushers grins at me at said, "Sir, I think what you mean is Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan". I blushed and suddenly resembled to Rudolf that instant, lol. I just play it cool while smiling back at her, trying to hide my embarrassment – "Oh, yeah that exactly what I am looking for" as she handed me the book.

It's the craziest book I have ever read. I couldn't imagine a simple journal could have blown my senses away. Reading MKnMS (whoah, it's close to MKmA, lol) is like reading Dan's Brown, Angels & Demon (you know technology and faith) and at the same time watching movies like Harry Potter & The Blair Witch Project (I won't tell you why, go get your own copy, lol).

Reading the first half of the book is like reading a diary of a teen-age kid. I was actually started asking myself, "whoah this is what I have waited for?". Although funny and candid lines were already evident, a very Bob Ong's trade marks by the way. The heart-beating scene is what awaits you in the latter part of the book where twisted story was finally laid.

Grab your own copy now, and see it for yourself, why I call it twisted.

Aargh, pakshit, lol!