My Birthday and Pretending to be Happy!

Looking back at the person that I was years ago, for those sleepless nights I have spent planning for a perfect, future me. For those whole lots of dreams I have dreamt for myself, trying to produce a better me.

And yet what have I become despite those re-assessment years after years was a complicated life, it wasn’t perfect, not even close to beautiful or atleast to a simple one.

Once I had isolated myself from certain people close to me and start doing things in my own because I thought these people were stopping me from doing things that I want and I thought the only way to continue what I love doing is to liberate myself from them.

And then I realize these people whom I put barriers with were always the first one to be there for me when I reached my lowest, darkest and most-confusing crossroads. I know I'm such a fool to think that way. My family may not be the best cheerleaders that I want to be but they have always been there for me as much as I could be there for them.

November, 27. I woke up fifteen minutes past eight with a low-spirited aura perhaps still sleepy but not likely. The previous night was the coldest I have ever experienced in month. I went straight to the washer to wash my face, the room smelled of breakfast.

After washing I decided to have a walk on to the nearest swimming pool to get myself in livelier mood. Leaves were constantly falling as if Philippines suddenly had an autumn as I passed by. I saw the caretaker with his net filtering falling leaves at the pool area; I smiled to him as a sign of greetings while he smiled back. I roamed the area and took pictures on some interesting spots.

When I'm backed at the cottage breakfast was already served and everyone was getting ready so I joined in. We were halfway eating when one suddenly erupted screaming as if a conductress in an orchestra and asking everyone to sing a "Happy Birthday" while all eyes were fixed on me. I just raised my eyebrows while smiling, in answer to their grins and happy faces. One of them actually handed me a gift, to my surprise.

We were on a two-day business trip in Hermosa, Bataan but we were able to finish the entire requirement needed in one day and going back to Manila is too soon, so we decided to visit Bagac, to see Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Someone in the group heard about it and he was ecstatic to see the place. We arrived at Las Casas at exactly 10 in the morning. The heat of the sun was disappointing that you don't want to expose from her ever again if you have any choice as not get any damages she could put on you. But Las Casas was indeed lovely, seeing the place is like traveling back Philippines, in Spanish era. Guards on duty were on a Guardia Civil uniform while usherettes were in saya and terno. Ofcourse, I'll tell you about the details in my Weekend Getaway presentation soon, so avid followers, stay tune, lol.

It took us two hours to explore the beautiful Las Casas but it still too early to go home and someone suggested how about climbing Mt. Samat. No one disagreed. My headache started giving me uncomfortable feeling. But I have never been to the Dambana ng Kagitingan before, so can you imagine how I feel? Again, I'll tell you about Mt. Samat in my Weekend Getaway, let me use this space about my birthday okay? So for now assuming it's already time to go back to Manila.

We were all starving on our way back to Manila that every one of us has to keep an eye on a restaurant to be spotted and not to mention the searing pain I was going through in my head. Finally we found one, I forgot the name but it sounds like "Dulang", it's located along the highway. It's an eat all you can restaurant and food were delicious not because I am hungry and in pain but seriously the food were all yummy. My companions actually help themselves for atleast three servings, imagine that? While me having the disadvantage of having a headache perfectly settled for one serving.

After that sumptuous bout at 'Dulang" we were off to Manila but we have to drop by at Orani for crabs, the caretaker of the resort we had booked earlier told us that crabs in Orani were cheap. But when we approach the Balanga proper one of my companion asked for an ATM booth, so we decided to park at Balanga Cathedral church the only way you can park your car at the area, I was napping waiting for them when suddenly they have emerged from nowhere asking me to get out of the car. They were carrying cake with three lighted candles. Immediately they told me to make a wish and blow the candle, adding that I'm lucky to have done it in front of a church.

The cake bore a caption that reads: Stay as lovable as you are, we love you! Gosh, I can't help blushing because for all I know I am not the lovable type of person, lol.

Well, I'm so touched, with all the efforts. This is my first birthday I have ever celebrated on the road.

I'm away with my family but in a way, my birthday still a memorable one and for this, I'll pretend this is my happiest and perfect birthday, so far.

To all those who made an effort of sending greetings, in anyway.. my heart is truly grateful, I can't thank you enough.

May the Lord give you more blessings. God Bless