The Dreadly Shallow

As birthday present, I promised myself for a Harry Potter movie. This after I heard from a friend how great the movie was, she actually acquired an advance ticket so she's one of those who first witness this phenomenon – a movie that would make history by breaking any box office record of all time. So, eager to see what it's like, today I decided to see it myself.

I had a brow-raising experience from the beginning to the end of the movie. It's not what I have expected for a finale story. The movie was way too tamed and boring if you ask me, well I think, same goes to the thousand others who religiously follow the books.

I mean, can you imagine my shocked when all of a sudden Harry had to ask Hermione to dance on a Christmas Eve while Ron is away? Or when Dobby and Kreacher appeared side-by-side with each other at the Malfoy Manor? And Griphook was held captive at the same time as Luna Lovegood and Mr. Ollivander, what happened to Dean Thomas? And that Harry forgot to disguise himself at Fleur and Bill's wedding and when they visit the Godric Hollows?

I was imagining Fenrir Greyback to be like Sabretooth of the X-Men being a savage and gruesome wolf himself but it turned out that he looks more like of Dorian Grey or that of an immortal vampire. He was actually looks younger than Lupin to think that it was him who made Remus a wolf when a young boy. Same goes to Xenophilus Lovegood, I thought he would be more like of the older version of Alfalfa, lol – something nerdy and oddly but it only the clothes his wearing that looks odds to me lol.

And what's with that Ron-Hermione-Harry thing? Ron for sure won't get jealous on Harry even if he sleeps side-by-side with Granger.

Though I love that chasing scene with Hagrid and Harry in a motorbike, oh very muggle I love it and not to forget the beadle bag of hermoine, lol. And ofcourse the cliffhanger, where Voldemort have taken the Elder Wand at Dumbledore's tomb, that's was clever.

For sure it will give excitement to its millions of fans though after seeing the actual movie disappointment will soon follow haha.

How about you, do you like the movie version?