Not My Type!

My ONLY (lol) fan is torturing me by demanding to make a post at least one (1) each day. I know, I am a superhero but my powers do not include multiplicity. But then again I don’t want losing my ONLY fan, ha-ha. So here it is.

As I have told you, I am busy. Like farting is my only way of relaxation, lol. And matter-of-factly as of this writing I am reading a downloadable PDF about the Hypertext Preprocessor or popularly known as PHP. See, we are only starting for the acronym but are you lost yet?

I am wondering where’s the first P came from. Unless you rumbled the preprocessor but according to the net it’s a recursive acronym. Oh whatever!

But I suspect the name was another lame attempt of the geekies to humor us. I mean just like how JAVA got its name, it is said that developer James Gosling while sitting in front of his window overlooking the not so distant oak tree one morning while decoding a program and sipping his coffee in between. Then, the next day he called his programming language JAVA, inspired from a coffee but according to the geeks JAVA means, Just Another Vague Acronyms, lol.

Now back to my PHP self-tutorials and while reading and seeing how the syntaxes goes, I think it’s not that hard, I mean aside from the usual programming it’s also a combination of HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) and SQL (Structured Query Language), and I happened to be a blogger, I know the basic of HTML and I can even tweak website modules by going through a CSS or javascripts.

And for SQL, well aside from a programmer, I was also the database administrator in my previous work and my hoax of a boss always gave me figures before I can even run the reports.

You see, I can manipulate millions of record by just giving me the figure you want it to appear, hahaha. That’s by using the Microsoft SQL Server, I don't know how would I react on mySQL environment, though.

Back to PHP, I must say this tutorial I have downloaded is best for beginners; I mean the way it presented is really cool in the sense that it won’t bore you while reading. Most programming books are boring and the mood is serious. This one I got is way too funny with catchy titles; example of the title that would explain about the different types of variables (Boolean, Integer, Float or String) is called ‘Not my Type’. That's for variables alone, how about the other subjects. Hmmm, I smell lotsa fun!

Now excuse me, I got deadline to beat so for now blabbing is definitely 'Not My Type. Now back to work, again. LOL!