Hypnosis, PHP and Aragog, Jr.

Rawr! Lol.

Seriously I am very busy as in super. I am working on the documentations of the system that we are to start coding in the coming days or weeks or maybe in a month and this while self-tuturing myself about PHP programming. We need to code the new system using PHP and mySQL as the backend. And I am the traditional type of programmer where VB is my ultimate weapon ha-ha, I know, it’s so yesterday that’s why even it means eating a lot of my time. I really have to spare some times if I want to learn PHP and you know for the fact that reading computer books is the most dreadful thing a person could ever do with all its thickness and trying hard humor if you ask me. Reading all those lines is like attending an hour of detention, waaah!

Then Aragog, Jr. my tarantula whom I am very worried about because the other week he just molted (I blogged about this in my previous post) again and this time he got some hooks on his legs. An evidence that he is now an adult and that his days being alive is getting shorter as days goes by. And it saddened me, he’s very peaceful, lovely and beautiful and losing him is just an agony. Why can’t he become a female so he can stay longer? Now, my friend and I are in search for a female counterpart so they can meet and mate. That’s the only thing we can do, for Aragog, Jr. I think that’s the best gift we can give him before saying goodbye (crying like Hagrid, lol).

So that’s two, now let’s talk about the third. Even before my friend told me that I have possesed a healing factor which ofcourse I love it, lol. I am already into digging literatures/materials about hypnosis. I want to know how hypnotism is. And how it is being performed. And I was told that the first step to hypnotism is persuasion. And I got this downloadable pdf about ‘Persuasion process’, it’s kind of interesting because it promises positive and good results. This method is said to be best perform with your lover to make your relationship even more fun, smooth and exciting.

I’ll blog about it next time so don’t worry. Now back to work, lol!