I am a superhero!

Weh di nga?

I think I am a hero, swear!

Well I just feel it, it’s something innate (nosebleed), I can sense it lol (yeah SPURT este SPIRIT). I knew it at times it’s manifesting but I thought it was just normal being me. I mean I am the very definition of a NOT NORMAL person, norm is not a word to describe me, I am not the typical guy you get to see on your regular day. I mean, I am MORE THAN THE USUAL - WOW PHILIPPINES eto, nyeheeee!

Raised with comicbooks as my bible, regarded the likes of Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Mark Millar, Greg Rucka as the gods, who would ever argue about that? Can you imagine when all of a sudden in a group of friends, I have had to raised my hand in a manner very Magneto like and when they noticed, they cannot help but to exclaimed, "Oh my God, look at him".

Isn’t that a manifestation already? But if you still not convinced allow me then to enumerate lists to justify my being a HERO.

  1. Let’s start it when I was a baby, according to my dear mother there was never a day (take note of the word NEVER) that I was not in the state of CONVULSION. Doctors and albularyo (herb doctor) can’t even cure me, that my mother out of hopelessness would resort going to the church frequently and praying earnestly to the high heaven to spare my life and that she have actually made a truce if ever her favor will be granted, she will offer a novena (offered prayer repeated in 9 successive days) every year for nine days before my birthday come and that she would continue the task ‘til my puberty.

    And a miracle had to happen, I have lived. See, divine intervention has to take place in order to save me; I cannot die, simply because I am destined for a grander and noble cause and that is… all together now, TO BE A HERO! (haha, adik)

  2. When I was four, a ten-wheeler truck came running towards me when I was crossing the street, supposedly to follow my mother at the nearest store without her knowledge of course. The driver was too late to noticed that there was a stupid kid blocking his way that he immediately applied the brake in the most un-anticipated way causing a creepy and screeching sounds as if a banshee have suddenly wails giving everyone at fifty meter radius to put on hold whatever they were doing to attend the commotion.

    Bystanders, who have been witnessed would recalled it. I was actually raising my hands as if blocking off or driving away the evil forces that is about to endanger the life of the chosen one (lol), imagine Jean Grey blocking the water from the leaked giant dam with her telekinesis to give way for the X-Wing to fly (X2)? Isn’t it a very hero like and take note it comes naturally.

    Later that moment, I was found at the very center of two giant wheels all dusty, in ONE piece and still breathing. Unharmed and unhurt. A bit exhausted but definitely very fine. I am alive for the second time and it wasn’t a coincidence, it simply called a CALLING. I have to fulfill a great undertaking which is… TO BE A HERO hahaha Jumong ikaw talaga ito (lolz).

  3. And if you’re not impressed yet here’s another one, of course still in my childhood. As you may have known by reading books or comics very few mutations manifest on the pre-adolescent years most of the powers would appear on or after the age of puberty – the start of the seminal moments and hormonal mis-adventures. In my case, the clues started to unfold very early (bwahahaha, ganun mag trip dapat top of the line agad, hindi yong lumilebel lang haha). Maybe the reason it started very early because I'm pre-destined to a bigger dream and I might as well get prepared for the tasks ahead, so it will be executed according to plan.

    As a child, I’m no different from the other kids who would do crazy stuffs that would actually get them hurt. And one of those crazy things that ever happened to me when I was seven, still along with my equally stupid friends playing hide and seek when all of sudden we have noticed the guava tree, positioned at the back of a shack where our pig housed. The fruit started turning yellow, the sight itself was inviting that I cannot help myself but to climb. But there’s a problem the tree is adjacent to the sewer that if you happened to fall from the tree you will go directly to the pit and only fate could ever save you from redemption, meaning you will be crying wolf while in free fall into the abyss if you are not lucky. I wasn’t lucky that time – well a hero has to experience failure sometimes, to make him strong and realized that a hero is not after all invincible and is also vulnerable to failures.

    I FELL!

    All of a sudden I have to perform my prowess in swimming, yabadabadooo – doggie style haha as not to drown myself from the lake of poopoo (nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng mga tae ng baboy – yikes). So I wasn’t really bothered when Manny Villar talked about his childhood, swimming in the sea of garbage - that was very girly of him if you ask me (lol). See, I can survive even in the foulest environment and that is what a hero should be like – a hero need not to be delicate if he wants to win a crisis.

    And while the topic is about climbing, did you know that in my childhood I loved climbing trees, lol trivia eto. I don’t know but I feel I’m on the top of the world (well top of the tree sounds the same, lol) when I climbed the highest tree. I am not afraid of heights. I remember in grade school my teacher gave me homework to fill every line of two bundles, 100 pages each of pad paper with a line saying “I am not going to climb again”. Just because she caught me along with my classmates climbing the mango tree near her classroom, can you imagine the agony of writing 200 pages? Who is she thinking, I am Harry Potter? Nyay, but then again because of that incident I have developed a fine penmanship. That’s why when we had this high-school reunion, each one of us where asked what we have remembered about each other. When it was my turn, they unanimously exclaimed in chorus that I am one of those with the very maarteng (translation not available, lol – flirty handwriting haha) handwriting. I want to declare JIHAD that instant, for crying-out-loud I graduated top 11 out of more than a hundred graduates (I used to be #3 but I preferred to be more casual and relax, lol) and the only thing they could ever remember was the way I write.

    Toinkz, off-topic again – okay let’s continue with my trip-tripan. As I have told you climbing of trees were one of my hobbies when I was a delinquent kid back in my childhood years.

  4. Then one day, isang araw… it was after the typhoon, the usual friend scouting the surroundings for anything worth for fun, all trees were lying on the ground except for the guava tree who after that fierce typhoon, still managed to stand. The four of us climbed and started chasing each other. We were having the time of our lives when suddenly we’re stunned. Uh oh! The tree, starting moving sideways going down, it was a big tree and that it’s unusual to just fall down with just the weight of the kids. I’m convinced it was me who made that guava flat in the ground ha-ha; well a hero should be a bully sometimes to make things light, come on, live life to the fullest (sabi ni Levy yan ahaha).

  5. I have a sharper memory, compare to the others I can memorize quickly and can actually remember things that happened in the longest of time. In my school days while everyone was going nuts and pressured two days before the exams reviewing their notes, I on the other hand had this habit of reviewing only at the class room an hour before the actual test and while I have NEVER gotten any perfect results yet my grades were enough to put me at the above average status (nakanaman). To be a hero one must have a sharp memory, so he can act right away as not to be called a lousy hero.

  6. I am both a far-sighted and a near-sighted (basta meganun, talaga men); if you want to be a hero better to have a keen eye-sight so you can prepare your salvo before the enemy can even moved.

  7. I am not a telepath but I think I can read minds by just seeing their body gestures, eye movements, or the way they used words. So I know exactly when to be friends with anyone. The reason I’ve always been tagged as someone with attitude problem because I’ll give you a bad shoulder if I can sense the jerkiness in you.

  8. I have a good hearts, ask my friends (lol), sometimes I get to met people asking for a fare on its way home. I cannot decline but to help them; they do not need to recite Aaaalllmmms, aalllmmmms spare me a piece of bread. I’ll give them without uttering a single word but ofcourse they have to pass my psychic inquiry first before they can taste my helping hands haha opkors like there’s so many manggagantso these days. One important traits of a hero should have a heart, this will give him the motivation to continue to protecting his neighborhood effectively, and for him to realize how noble it is to lending a hands with others, most of all to those who cannot help for themselves.

And I have to stop my blabbing about my various powers, I don’t want everyone knowing what I can do, my enemy could be reading now, chances are before I can even hex them este trick them it is I who’ve been jinxed lolz. But rest assured that I have more powers unfolding before my very eyes than you can imagine. So be very afraid, some are yet to be discovered but I’m on the process to unlocking them and I am also glad that kili-kili power is not one of them hahaha.

So how about you? Are you one of us? Tugoinkz