Kapitan Sino

First of all, I love the black, white and silver combination. Wow! It’s like seeing a cover of DC’s Vertigo. The aluminum paper foil cover is classy and very comic book. Not to mention the silvery effect forming into a lightning rays as if the Norse god himself, the god of thunder – the Mighty Thor had just gone ballistic by smashing his ever so big hammer. Ayayaay! For Odin’s blood!

Yes, ladies and gents – Bob Ong this time, takes on the superheroes and superpowers.
Kapitan Sino

Hmmm! Ain’t it SUPER already?

And in his continued effort to be a hero of the masses (Erap ‘kaw ba ito?) which of course will always be his favorite subject, Bob Ong, once again uses the mediocrity in introducing his new baby, by delicately dissecting the choices of words; of which making it sure his subject will fully understands.

Kapitan Sino (Captain Who) presented the stereotypical, the existential perception of superheroes. Someone with extra-ordinary power and should therefore required to help and save people because of that given ABILITY. Or was it a given CURSE?

Rogelio Manglicmot was amazed with his new found power. Realizing his no ordinary individual; with the help of his friend he was convinced and started a crusade. “To help those who cannot help for themselves.” He knew from the start, it’s not an easy path but he feels it is his responsibility to use and share it with others by protecting those in needs.

Though Bob Ong talks about super talent; in this book he simply wants to send us the message that anyone can be a hero without the super power and extra-ordinary ability. We can be a hero by starting helping others in our own little way. We do not need the power of agility, flight or super strength to help those in needs and making a difference for the betterment of our society. We do not need someone with strange skills to save us. We can be a HERO of our own lives.

Walang pag-asa ang mga taong naghahangad ng mga kakaibang nilalang na magliligtas sa kanila.
There’s no hope for those who only wait for someone with (special) power to save them.

True. If we want a better place, a better society, a better Philippines then let’s start helping ourselves.

Yesterday, I was on Facebook doing my daily rituals (playing the Farm Town and Pet Society) when Chairman Bayani Fernando (his in my list) posted a message on his wall, it says:
“May tungkulin ka. May tungkulin ang pamahalaan. Lahat tayo ay may pananagutan.”
You have a responsibility. The government has a responsibility. All of us are accountable.

We can start playing Rogelio Manglicmot. Each one of us can be the Kapitan Sino. Starts your adventure now!

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