INDAY: Chambermaid Extraordinaire

What kind of dim-witted, ill-willing person holds proprietorship of this structural malady? Had he not the knowledge of the building codes set forth in international conventions by known intellectual committees. How dare he violate these rules when the very epitome of these things I say are embodied in the Building code of the Philippines as stated in the Republic Act 6541 authored on August 26 in the year of the Lord 1972. Had this structure existed even before that? I think not. Therefore you have peddled against the R.A. 6541, which gives me the stands to lead this to court with a count of attempted homicide and the evasion of responsibilities according to the said Republic Act.

Si Inday habang tinatalakan ang sekyu ng playground ng mabali ni Junior ang Monkey Bars habang naglalaro na muntik ng ikabagok ng ulo ng alaga, kaya ayon di matigil-tigil ang pagdugo ng ilong ng kawawang Manong Guard. HAHAHA!


You sure have received text messages and forwarded emails about her hilarious nose-bleeding escapade.

In her first ever book adventure; see her how she stunned everyone who dares block her way with her unstoppable ala Juggernaut wit and wisdom. Laugh-your-hearts-out as she battles head-to-head and tongue-to-tongue with Miss Kris Aquino.

Have a glimpse of the colorful and ever so glamour lifestyle of the world most famous chambermaid, the fluent as always – INDAY.

Grab a copy of her book now, INDAY: Chambermaid Extraordinaire for a nose-bleeding experience.

**Sabay punas sa tumutulong dugo sa ilong**

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