My Vacation: A Glimpse

I had a five day vacation last week, I had to visit my folks and friends back in my hometown, Bacolod. I really need fresh air these days as to clear my mind from the frustrations inflicted by Google (Google taena ka hanggat di mo binabalik status ng blog ko, dila mo lang walang latay saken, pakamatay ka na - bogaloids, abnormalites hayup - bwahaha Bob Ong pahiram ha, thanks mwah - teka wak na pala tulog ka na lang ulit kaya ko naman eh, ‘nu ka ngayon? Belat).

It has been a fun vacation; I had visited some of my friends in high school and it's a joy seeing them again. Reminiscing the old good days was hilarious, traveling back down that memory lane and talking of what have become of us while sipping beer in between was like heaven. Uh, I feel like I am a 17 year old hormonal kid once again hahaha.

We had so much fun, then we shifted our topic to our classmate who was once a very ladylike, one with the prettiest faces in our year, possesses a dazzling, shiny deep black hair that seems to catch light and throw it away and dancing gracefully as if flirting with the wind, a member of a church choir; and now, she had morphed into a man, (omg) waaah. According to my friends every time she would visit them, she was always in black leather suits; the boot, the jacket and the pants (I want to ask about the under garments but junked the idea and instead contented with a grin;), in her Harley Davidson motorbike (she’s kind of rich girl), imagine Kate Beckinsale of the Underworld minus the femininity, a Goth Mad Dog eh.

I cannot imagine how she has dramatically changed that way when all my recollections about her were that she’s a lady of elegance and poise. I bet she could even win a beauty contest with such grace but then again I came from a place where BB Gandanghari is a living proof.

And I need to pee right now, so I’ll continue my misadventure next time, kitakits;)