Taking the Flight

As you may have noticed contents of this blog have gone, I have risked to get rid of that Content Warning sign. Google is unhelpful. I’ve been trying to contact them for ages and no reply whatsoever and the nerve of them to put such feature when they cannot even accommodate when problem arises.

So I might as well take the matter in my own hand, while it is true that I still have grudges over what happened to this blog but I think it is best to start moving on. The world outside is so bright just to be stuck in here lols (may hugot hahaha).

And as a starting point, I have to find ways on how to retain my blog URL (http://maalamat.blogspot.com) without the annoying sign. Ofcourse not without downs, I have to trade my content, imagine the other week I have reached the 100 posts and now it’s back at one (kanta ito, tok).

I think I am close to solving it, let see if this one works though. I mean, I have taken a vacation just to put myself in solitude amidst the serenity of nature. So I can concentrate on thinking of any possible ways to get back my blog.

I am glad I have found one and I have also disabled the NavBar, so I guess it is good to assume that it’s SAFE for now from the abusive readers, unless Google will lost its temper and get back on me which ofcourse, I am ready. Bring it on haha.

Yehey! My widgets are now back to normal and working just fine, this only mean one thing - the adventure of Alamat da Badigard continues…

So dear readers, give me a warm welcome lols.


Glad your blog is back to normal, looking forward for more of your post.

it's great to see maalamat back to normal..now that your enthusiasm is back, we look forward for your more entertaining post.

huh? what happened? you mean your blog disappeared after you took off the content warning sign?

and i was so looking forward to reading great stuff. you have a very attractive ad in entrecard