It seems that my blog is now stable (hope this will be forever hehe), my Entrecard widget is now working, my code for Payperpost is now running fine. My Alexa is now down to 250,796 though as usual my PR is stuck to one, I wish Google will not condemn me for being so hard lols (excuse me, you were the one being hard to me for all I know haha).

The missing pieces for now are my posts ofcourse but then again I can replace it with a new content.

Yippeee, and I have so much to blog about I got some interesting topics way back from my five day vacation, so I might as well share it to you.

And to those who commented, thank you very much. I badly needed it lolz and to my new readers just to give you a preview of what happened to this blog, here it is.

A couple of months back this blog has been flagged having Objectional Content which ofcourse I cannot accept simply because any angry monger readers could do these harms even it's not true at all, just for the sake of creating havoc. And for that I condemn Google/Blogger for it seems to me a VERY illogical option - for their campaign against eradicating spam and un-appropriate content blogs.

From then on this blog’s activity has been blocked from analytics, entrecard and down to some of blog advertising programs, which is very annoying since at some point, I monetize this blog (hello global crisis ahaha).

Till next time, kitakits.



youre back in the game!