The New Entrecard

Entrecard is in new management after it has been acquired by Ziprunner. And part of the changes is the cleaning-up of its databases. This is good news for us bloggers who had issues with previous management. My account was terminated due to violation of their TOS. My blog for no reason started showing pop-up ads and even after I have fixed the problem, Langdom’s team was reluctant to re-activate my account, the annoying part my blog is still in their database.

After hearing the news about the new acquisition, I gambled myself to register again, lo and behold I was in again and waited a day for them to check my blog if my blog do not violate the TOS. After my by blog was accepted, advertisers started queuing my dashboard, oh I am missing this scene. The good thing except for the paid ads, its auto-approve no need for me to comeback often for the new advertisers to be approved.

Entrecard is a free advertising exchange network and by putting entrecard widget is a good way to market your blog of which users can advertise their own blog with in entrecard network for free. Dropping off a card on those special entrecard widgets which appears on every blog in the network will earn you credits that can be use to buy free advertisement from other blogs.

Happy dropping!

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