Money and Blogging

Oh yes blogging is somewhat fun and it is not just a hobby about making lists of your daily rants and misfortune. But do you know that you can actually monetize this activity?

Yes, ain’t it cool that aside from releasing your angst on how stupid the world can really get (lol) at the same time you are earning some bucks? Sweet eh!

There are too many online money making opportunities that are spreading like bacteria in the net everyday, most of them are hoax - of course. So be careful in choosing the right money earning partner so you won’t end up like a lousy loser.

As a blogger; so far the services that I am joining and of course I have received payment from are the Google Adsense (by placing an AD unit to your blog), Payperpost (product review) & Socialspark (product review and affiliates) both of Izea, Blogvertise (product review), Linkworth (product review), Payingpost (product review), Adgitize (like Entrecard but every activity is converted to cash, good way to drive traffic), CMFads (same as Adgitize), Snapbomb (product review) and Dneero (conversation igniter through twitter).

And now, I have found one potential partner – a potential profit. Link from blog, is a perfect place for bloggers who want to earn some money by writing a review about a product or to those advertisers who want to promote their business or services.
Make money in blogosphere

If you’re a blogger why don’t you try this one, anyway it’s free. I have registered, so let’s wait and see how the program works.

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