X-MEN #1: Curse of the Mutants, Part 1

From Marvel's House of Ideas, Curse of the Mutants is a cross-over story arc that will include titles the like of Blade, Namor: The first Mutants, the dedicated title for mutants greatest thieves Storm & Gambit and of course the X-MEN among others.

Now let's talk about my favorite legion of all time, the Uncanny X-Men. New York is no longer home to our favorite costumed heroes, the outlaw group called the X-Men and now relocating themselves to the City by the Bay.

Settling in San Francisco is never the same again and things have been rough on the X-Men. They have endured the life under the dark reign of Norman Osborne and not to mention a near-genocide at the hands of Bastion.

But it seems a new day has finally arrived for the X-Men after braving their worst months ever with the strong leadership of Cyclops, the X-MEN finally settled off the coast of San Francisco called UTOPIA, an island home to the X-Men.

It looks like the X-Men may finally find peace.

And when they thought a new day has come, think again because the dawn of something bloody is about to arrive. Did I just say bloody?

Hint! Dracula.

San Francisco is infested with suicide bombers whose splattered blood carries a virus that would make infected person to become a blood thirsty blood sucking creatures called the vampires. This is a move to increase their numbers as they want to take over the world. And here's the exciting part, the suicide bombers are targeting Jubilee who now powerless and in the comfort of the X-Men.

Written by Victor Gischler and penciled by Paco Medina. It's my first time reading Gischler work and I love it this instant, the choice of words are clever but not boring. Ofcourse he was the brain of the highly rated Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth. But I'm not really a Deadpool fan so I missed that title and Paco's art is hip and cool plus Warren is back flying, the only thing I hate about because Iceman and Beast are both missing. I lost track keeping up with the X-Men for a longest of time, waaah.

Next issue Vampires versus the X-MEN!