Roxas Gives Way for Noynoy

Mar RoxasSenator Mar Roxas the brain behind the Tax Exemption for Minimum Wage Earner, also responsible for amending the Cheaper Medicine Law and consistent critic of the president; tagged as the Mr. Palengke has been very vocal about his aspiration for 2010 Presidential election. Matter-of-factly he’s one among the most geared-up candidates in terms of early campaign with his informercial, Ramdam ko Kayo (I Feel About You) Campaign, a 20 seconds advertisement that talks of how it feels to be poor and by that he assured them that he will do something about their concerns.

And now when all seems to be in perfect place, Sen. Roxas ambition to be the next president of the Philippines was suddenly in jeopardy as the recent turn-of-event unfolding before his very eyes that made it difficult for him to continue its bid; and opted instead to step down for someone.

Right after the passing of the great former president Cory, as people still mourning for her death and fresh from public sympathy; public clamors from various organizations and civil society are growing everyday for the young (Noynoy) Aquino to run for president and continue his parents dreams for a better Philippines. Noynoy being a party mate (Liberal Party) and the most favored to be the bearer of the party; a scenario that only triggers after the death of Pres. Cory (can you imagine the people behind our political party these days?).

Yesterday at Klub Filipino in San Juan, Sen. Mar Roxas made it official by announcing his cancellation for running the presidency in 2010 and that the sacrifice is to give-way for Noynoy’s candidacy of which he will supporting him all the way.

Noynoy a reluctant candidate will be announcing his plan later today. Let’s wait and see then.

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