In Suspended Animation

The morning is chilling! I’m sipping my now lukewarm coffee that is still half-empty while staring blankly at my desktop. Tuesday, and I’m suppose to be animated, it’s suppose to be a start of the new week after a long vacation break. The bad weather, the freezing temperature of the room and the mess inside (installer CDs, slithered network cables, and damaged hard-disks are scattered – a job left by our resigned technical support) must have contributed to my idleness.

suspended animation

I opened my facebook but not much going on with my profile except from some friends leveling-up for their Farmville while others were busy buying friends from FFS. I have a message from my inbox, from a friend asking when I’m going to paid him a visit. Then a posted comments on my wall, it’s always a joy reading wall comments especially when it was posted by the ever hilarious friend and ex-employee, our then Finance Comptroller. Her jolliness is very infectious.

I started the day opening my mails and have been very pleased after receiving a payment from Payperpost. Then there’s job waiting for me at oDesk that need to be started but I’m still useless at this time, maybe tonight hmp.

Kuruten nyuko dali ahaha!

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