About Me

Mga Kwentong Ma Alamat is a product of my imagination - decaying or otherwise. I might be at times biased on some issues I write about - after all all this is a personal blog.

Name: Dennis Barison
Nickname: Ice
Status: Single (lol)
f t IG: Dystop1a
"A geek by night, a superhero by day".

And this is me in Letters.
A-s starters, Im INVINCIBLE - hows that?
B-it of everything - a smorgasbord type.
C-an easily blend with people of any kinds.
D-efinitely a person of attitude.
E-xtremely chaotic equipped with bizarre madness.
F-erociously hilarious that may result to a farting experience.
G-ood listener, someone you can always turn to.
H-as the ability to soften even the darkest of the hearts.
I-n my quest to finding LIFE, I have managed to bond with people of truest kind.
J-ust enough to keep me at peace in this not-so-trusting-time, the brave-new-world.
K-ind of sensitive but not an emotional person - I hate drama.
L-ove to be alone, coz in moments of solitude force of uncanniness seems to be manifesting.
M-y hobbies include reading comicbooks, watching movies and Facebooking (lol).
N-ot much of a party guy but hell I know how to make one, I am not boring I tell you.
O-f course they wont call me ICE for nothing?
P-erky at times that leads to the impression of being a know-it-all-over-confident-prat.
Q-uite a bitch and can really be mean at times, I have a very nasty temper.
R-espect is something that I don't usually give to a person unless convinced its worth.
S-orry is a word not in my vocabulary either, if I hurt you then maybe it's time for self inquiry.
T-ruly a man of substance, I won't bitch anyone for no reason.
U-ndeniably good, in spite of the bitchiness and temper, I still am a nice person over all.
V-iciously naughty, the very top secret part of me.
W-illing to give everything and maybe sacrifice to give way for LOVE.
X-travagant when it comes to my hobbies.
Y-es! Im spending too much on anything of my interest, my downside.
Z-estily me...? Oh well!