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While everyone is mourning about the sudden death of two of the world’s most famous icons; King of Pop, Michael Jackson and Bikini Queen and Charlie’s original Angel Farrah Faucett.

I on the other side was on to my daily rituals, checking my mails and Facebook in between when out-of-the-blue decided to open my blog. Whoah! Lo and behold, my page rank is now up to two (2), yippee! Thank you very much Google for this new rank even you were a freak to me sometimes (lol).

As you may have noticed (dear readers) my blog was in total isolation when I started Facebook, the only time I can update my blog when there’s a Dneero conversation. I don’t really care about my SEO ranking, matter of fact my Alexa. rating is now down to 1.9M when my highest ranking was 139,417, argh!

Though, I’m still getting some money opps from various advertisers, the good news but this new rank is so unexpected.

So, I’m quite ecstatic - again, Google thank you!

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